Creating Balance While Working Remotely

Many of us are transitioning from a traditional office setting to working from home. This disruption of routine can make work/life balance a bit tricky, especially with kids and pets in the mix. It may seem overwhelming at first, but we can be proactive and take steps to manage these challenges. Here are some tips on how to help achieve professional and personal balance.

1. Have a morning routine. Continue to set your alarm, wash your face (or shower) and brush your teeth. Natural light, movement and hydration are a great way to start your day.

2. Complete your morning routine before looking at your phone or computer. Just because work and emails are at your fingertips, that doesn’t mean you have to start the moment your eyes open each day.

3. Get dressed! Sitting at home in your pajamas can be comfy, but it can lead to unproductive habits, such as watching TV, scrolling through social media or focusing on housework. In times of uncertainty, some find it best to stick to their routine when possible.

4. Take a scheduled lunch break. It can be easy to get sucked in to computer work and lose track of time. We have all probably gone 3-4 hours without getting up, eating or drinking anything. Block your calendar for a scheduled lunch time, walk away from your work space and make sure to squeeze in some nutrient-dense foods.

5. Don’t work from the couch. Instead, consider setting up a work station at a table or desk. And if you can dedicate an entire room to it, that’s even better. Try to keeping your relaxing or cozy spaces separate from your work space.

6. Set boundaries. Don’t feel the need to respond to emails that come in at 8 p.m. Consider keeping your schedule similar to what it was before – for many of us, that’s a 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. workday. After that, log off and shut down your computer. This gives your brain time to get out of “work mode” so that you can get quality sleep.

7. Stay in touch. Don’t let working at home allow you to lose touch with new professional developments or slow you down from networking with colleagues. Consider blocking time on your calendar each week to connect with colleagues and discuss any timely opportunities.

8. Build in some self-care. This looks different for everyone. Whatever makes you feel good about yourself, try doing that for even 10-15 minutes each day.

9. If you are working from a phone or computer, consider purchasing some Blue Light blocking glasses.
They are inexpensive and may help with overall eye health as well as potential headaches and migraines caused by screen time.

10. Because of the recent COVID-19 outbreak in our country, try to limit your news intake (whether through TV, online or social media platforms). Make sure to intentionally consume some light-hearted, positive content. Here are several Instagram accounts to follow that focus on positivity and inspiration:




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