Buckeye Region Anti-Violence Organization: Serving the LGBTQ+ Community in Ohio

In honor of LGBTQ+ Pride Month, we’d like to share a statewide resource that focuses on services within and on behalf of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex and Asexual communities.

Since 1996, The Buckeye Region Anti-Violence Organization (BRAVO) has provided comprehensive programs and support to LGBTQ+ survivors of hate and bias violence, discrimination, intimate partner violence, stalking and/or sexual assault.

BRAVO, part of Equitas Health, offers Ohioans a variety of free and confidential services, including survivor support, education and outreach, LGBTQ+ legal office hours, violence documentation and a helpline where community members can report instances of anti-LGBTQ+ violence.

BRAVO Helpline
Anyone can call the toll-free Helpline at 1-866-86-BRAVO (1-866-862-7286). BRAVO staffs helplines in major cities throughout Ohio, including Columbus, Cincinnati and Cleveland. The BRAVO HelpLine is available on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Sunday through Thursday from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. All calls are confidential and can be made anonymously.

So what happens if you call? Callers are encouraged to share the level of information that is comfortable for them. BRAVO helps callers to explore options and potential courses of action, and can assist with safety planning.

BRAVO also offers an intimate partner violence peer support group. For additional information, please contact the BRAVO Victim Services Coordinator at 614-294-7867.

In addition, BRAVO helps organizations interested in becoming a Safe Zone. The BRAVO SafeZone Project aims to increase safety and resources for survivors of domestic violence, sexual violence and stalking within the LGBTQ+ communities by helping providers and agencies better understand guidelines.

Community Collaboration
BRAVO partners with a variety of community organizations throughout Ohio, including Equitas Health, Kaleidoscope Youth Center, National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs, Stonewall Columbus, Ohio Domestic Violence Network and many more. Take a look at BRAVO’s complete list of helpful community organizations here: http://bravo.equitashealth.org/resources/links.

To learn more about BRAVO’s statewide advocacy, survivor services, receive training, and/or support, contact BRAVO via email at info@bravo-ohio.org. For help locating an anti-violence program in your area, please visit the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs website at https://avp.org/NCAVP/.


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